Tour/Production Management

900 Management offers a wide array of Tour and Production Managers that have experience from settings such as Clubs, Theaters, Arenas, Stadiums, and Festival Settings.

Our policy within the 900 Management team of Tour Managers and Production Managers is a strict sense of fiscal responsibility, proper planning, utilizing proper vendors with upstanding reputation, and implementing an A-List crew that cares for the artists needs and nurtures their creative direction.

All tours within the 900 Management team requires an extensive amount of planning when it comes to finance. It is the upmost priority to ensure fiscal responsibility and it is our duty to calculate for all foreseen and unforeseen circumstances.

900 offers financial planning and counsel for all scenarios in touring and show planning regarding the following:

  • Profit and Loss Reports for Show, Festival, or Touring
  • Tax Implications Domestic and Internationally
  • Insurance
  • Vendor and Professional Expenses
  • Currency Exchange
  • Show Budgets
  • Day to Day Accounting Services
  • Business Management

When searching for the best in audio, lighting, video production, backline, and staging look no further than 900 Management.  Through our extensive relationships with the industry leaders and suppliers, we offer and are able to provide you with your requirements from small events, to large scale tours complete with full designs and renderings.

Developing a skilled crew of technicians and personnel is no easy task. 900 has an extensive arsenal of skilled technicians, assistants, tour accountants, and merchandise managers globally for any tour and need that are not only experienced, but are also versatile and in many facets of the business.

All touring personnel affiliated with 900 are required to have clean records, four years experience in the touring industry, impeccable references, and A-List knowledge within the industry to lead your tour to the path of success.

Our crew members have worked together on a multitude of events throughout the world and are used to navigating different cultures, laws, and logistics throughout various countries which provides for quick solutions, vast expertise, and a wealth of knowledge that is not easy to find.

900 provides transport for all gear and freight by Air, Road & Sea Freight solutions for your tour or event through our extensive network of vendors and professionals. Our network consists of the best in the business while watching and maintaining responsible budgets. We also offer a wide variety of storage facilities across the world in the event of looking to store freight while waiting for the next tour to commence.

Logistical travel can be one of the costliest and most expensive data entry points of a tour.  At 900 we take care of all of aspects of touring for the crew and artists with our extensive relationships with Travel Agents, Bus Companies, Charter Companies, and Ground Transport Companies while adhering to budgetary guidelines for your upcoming tour.

A carnet is your passport to the world for your equipment to travel safely and legally. When shipping equipment you will require a carnet to abide by specific countries laws regarding their taxes, border laws, and customs. 900 is able to assist in creating ATA Carnets and building an entire manifest of the gear that is required for your upcoming tour. All of our documents are processed within the confines of our business and we are able to arrange emergency same day turnaround if required.